Wedding Planning

Wedding Traditions Explained

A traditional wedding ceremony can vary by country and even regions of the same country. Every culture has their own beliefs and customs and this extends to different religions and denominations within those religions. The beauty of today’s western wedding is that the bride and groom are not bound by custom. They can choose to incorporate traditions from the past and ad unique features that makes their ceremony their own.

The Ceremony

While tradition has been to have a wedding in a church or place of worship, many couples are choosing to have their wedding and reception at a venue. Wherever the wedding is held, there are a few traditional elements to to the ceremony: bride, groom, 2 witnesses and the officiant. Obviously, there can be a lot more to a traditional wedding but that is the minimum.

The Brides Attire

An elegant white wedding dress has been popular for centuries, having been started by Queen Victoria in 1840 in the Western world. White had been the choice of color for Japanese brides for years before. Before the white dress brides wore their best dress. Veils that cover the face of the bride date back to ancient Rome. Ancient Romans believed that the bride’s wedding veil protected the her from evil spirits. Today, some brides do not wear the traditional wedding veil that covers the face but only wear something that covers their head.

The Rings

Having originated in Europe, wedding rings are a sign of unity. Originally only worn by the wife, the 20th century saw a change in direction when both men and women began to wear rings symbolizing their marriage.

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