Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Tips | Planning a Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is probably one of the biggest expenses and the most stressful things you’ll go through. We’re going to talk to you about your wedding reception. Your wedding reception is all about details. This is where you and your style and your budget and everything all comes together and creates your reception. Your guest is going to walk in and they should be able to say, “Oh, this is Tom and Kathy or, you know, it’s really going to fit you two. It’s all about you that day. So, you need to really work and look at what; what you want that day to look like and how you want that event to look, and it should be about you. If you like candles, do all candles.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Look at everything and know that it’s a process to plan that reception. And if you are a very organized person, then this might be something that’s not intimidating to you, but if not, this is where a wedding planner would come in handy and worth every dime that you pay. A good wedding planner is there to orchestrate all your vendors; make sure they show up on time; if they brought the products that they; they promised in their contracts; that they’re doing exactly what you’ve paid for; to be your eyes and ears, that day.

Usually, what happens is the wedding coordinators are the ones that decorate during the day. If you decide to do this, on your own, keep in mind that this is a big part of your wedding day. Instead of getting your message and your pedicure and getting your hair done; majority of your day is going to be decorating, and if it’s not you, it’s going to be your family members. When people don’t have a coordinator, most of their guest are watching the clock because for the simple fact is, they know that within an hour or so, they’re going to have to clean up the mess. Its highly encouraged that anyone getting married hires a wedding coordinator.

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