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Trashing the Wedding Dress

Trashing the Wedding Dress

Would you consider trashing your wedding dress? If you follow the trends you would.

Nothing represents a wedding better than an elegant, white wedding dress. Most bride’s also have a strong emotional connection to their wedding dresses, especially after the stressful search for the perfect one, the fittings and alterations. It’s no wonder that most brides choose to preserve their wedding gowns after the wedding. Well, some brides are taking a different approach, referred to as “Trashing the Dress”. While the idea of taking part in this kind of wedding dress ceremony may sound crazy, the practice is actually trending. Once you read the following, you might just understand the attraction.

Brides that decide to give “Trashing the Dress” a go will find that, working with a professional CT wedding photographer, creativity has no bounds. Climbing a tree, beings splashed with paint, taking a swim – the possibilities are endless.

Trash the Dress” Photo Shoot Ideas

Intentionally “trashing” a wedding dress shortly after a couple’s wedding day is actually considered a romantic ritual designed to symbolize commitment, since the wedding gown can’t ever be worn again says a Fairfield County Wedding Photographer. This is also big business for wedding photographers, giving them a new opportunity to create dramatic “Trashing the Dress” photo shoots. This wedding genre, which originated in Las Vegas, combines exquisite clothing (the wedding dress) with a unique environment, including on a rooftop, in the woods, on a beach on in a lake, abandoned building – so many cool ideas!

The Aim of the “Trash the Dress” Photo Shoot

The aim of these photo shoots is to provide brides with unusual, visually stunning photos, a distinctive addition to the traditional ones they have taken. The idea has rapidly gained fans since its inception, with women arranging for photographers to capture their wedding dresses as they’re being destroyed to create what many consider magazine worthy works of art. The approach can be subtle or extreme with the photo sessions, including a peaceful walk in the woods, a swim in a local lake. In contrast, they could be photos of the bride changing a greasy tire, being splashed with paint or splashing away in muddy puddles of water. The aim of a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot is to provide the brides with unusual, stunning photos, a fun contrast to the ones taken during the wedding and at the reception.

The whole idea behind the concept of trashing the wedding dress is to relax, have fun and at the same time let your, and the photographer’s creativity flow. Brides that have embraced this unusual wedding genre say that a “Trashing the Dress” photo shoot seems to give the wedding dress new life instead of just having it take up room in the closet. In addition, they’ll end up with photos that look like they’re straight out of a high end, trendy fashion magazine. Not comfortable with completely trashing your dress? No problem. You don’t need to be extreme – getting your dress a little dirty can be rectified by a professional dry cleaner.

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