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Tips for planning your wedding in the evening

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During the summer months, wedding couples that get married during the day get full sunshine and their weddings are typically over by the time the sun sets, presenting its magnificent colors – a missed opportunity. When you get married in the evening, you and your guests don’t need miss out on this spectacular sight, which also makes a magical backdrop for wedding photos.  This is just one of many advantages of getting married at night.

Following are 5 tips for planning your wedding in the evening.

1. Always Consider the Weather

If you want to get married during the evening hours, be sure to consider the weather says a Fairfield County Wedding Photographer. If it’s warm outside and it’s an area where mosquitoes may be a problem, make sure and spray for them prior to the event and keep mosquito deterrents strategically placed throughout all of the reception areas. If it’s going to be a chilly evening, rent some gas heaters, or have a small fire pit or two handy to warm things up.

2. Take Advantage of the Evening Hours

Once the sun sets, you can enhance the magical effects of the evening hour, perhaps having your guests hold sparklers to light your way to you your hubby to be or to the wedding getaway car. If allowed, imagine having fireworks mark the occasion. Your wedding venue’s open air grounds can be transformed into a sparkling wonderland by placing lights on the fountains, in the trees, enhancing marquees and lining the driveway – beautiful!

3. Creative Use of Candles

Candles add a special luminescent ambience to any event and are the perfect addition to any outdoor evening wedding. You can use luminaries to line the sidewalks, place tea lights in pretty, perhaps decorated, wine glasses, strategically placing them throughout.  You also might want to consider giving smallish tapers in candle holders to guests that they can light and hold as you say your vows. Also, imagine creating a magical first impression by presenting your guests with a beautifully illuminated reception area/ballroom – this is something that definitely has a much more impressive effect that a daytime, sunlight event would have.

 4. Treat Your Guests to a Cocktail hour Before the Ceremony

Hold a lovely “pre-ceremony” cocktail party for your guests, giving them time to mingle and get to know each other while they enjoy the sunset with some tasty hors d’oeuvres and a drink or two.. This way, following the ceremony, everyone can go right in to dinner, making it possible for you to have your wedding ceremony later in the evening, just in time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset, just for you, as you exchange vows.

5. Photography/Videography

Plan for photos indoors as well as outdoors and make sure that your photographer has experience taking both daylight and twilight shots. Consider a variety of photos, on a chaise lounge together, by the venue’s fireplace or outdoors in the evening, surrounded by the tiny white lights and candles that accent the area. The possibilities are endless and your professional wedding photographer will be able to help you come up with ideas.

Bottom line, there’s nothing quite as dramatic and breathtaking as getting married during the twilight hours.