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Three Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

There’s a myriad of tips and tricks to bagging the perfect wedding photographer. Stick to your budget. Set a budget, even. Choose local. Venture afar. Trust testimonials. Check out the amount of Facebook likes a photographer has. Go with who your friends and family recommend. Always chat with potential photographers before booking one. Really, there’s no end to the advice offered to would-be weds ahead of their big day.

For an alternative and expert insight into booking the best wedding photographer, why not ask a bunch of wedding photographers for their advice? The three tips below are the top three provided by actual and professional, working wedding photographers in the UK.

Tip One

Do not be afraid to ask for what you want – no matter how quirky, unique or ‘out there’. Engagement photo shoots, wedding fashion photo shoots and just about everything in between are do-able…provided you find the right photographer.

Professional photographer, Francesca Hill, for example, is not just willing to accommodate her clients’ wishes when possible; her excitement and joy at being asked exactly that is a fair indicator of a photographer’s dedication to perfectly capturing your wedding goings on. To quote Francesca: ‘‘Could you do a mini fashion shoot for my clothing line’ is possibly the most random request I’ve ever received whilst shooting a Wedding?” […] my answer was of course yes!’.

No doubt when her client made this request and received Francesca’s answer, she knew – this is the photographer for me. Hence, if you have a definite idea, no matter how individual, as to how you want your wedding photography to be shot or as to any pre or post shoots you’d like to also have done, ask photographers before booking one – often the energy in the response you receive will tell you everything you need to know.

Tip Two

Everybody dreams of the fairytale big day, but injecting an element of realism back into the mix can produce some stunning, candid and touching honesty in your wedding photos that will remind you – for you and your partner, the fairytale really did come true.

Hence, photographers such as Katy and the team at Katy and Co Photography, share how they work and why that works for them – and their clients: ‘[we] blend into the crowd, nothing contrived or re-enacted, we will just capture everything as it happens. Couples frequently tell us that with so much to think about, their weddings rush past before they have chance to savour all the details of their unrepeatable day. We aim to photograph the essential, dramatic moments of your ceremony as well as documenting the minutiae and idiosyncrasies that make your day individual to you.’

The tip here is then, find a photographer with whom you are comfortable…book them, and on the day, forget they are there.

Tip Three

To end, Adam Prosser perhaps offers the best tip of all, which he first gave while speaking with Stylist Magazine.

Adam believes that the trick to finding the perfect photographer to capture your perfect day is to ‘choose a photographer that has pictures in their portfolio that capture the way you would like to remember your wedding. For example do you want a photographer that will make a straight forward record of the day or a photographer that will capture the romance and bond between you and your partner? Or what about all the detail touches you have slaved over for months? These things can easily be overlooked. Additionally though, try not to shop on price! When budgets are tight it’s easy to look at the pound signs before the work/talent/ability itself. Try to research photographers that tick the boxes visually and then narrow down to what fits your budget.”

So, whatever your style, dream or budget, remember – don’t let yourself be too swayed by friends, family or even price tags; listen to what photographer’s have to say, and share with them your vision.




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