Wedding Planning

Things that make a Jamaican wedding memorable

Weddings are anyway a memorable occasion and if these happen with all pomp and show, they remain etched in the minds forever. Couples always love to have traditional weddings and when one is talking about traditions and culture, Country of Jamaica gets the mention naturally. Jamaican traditions are a nice mix of both European and African culture and people are amazing representatives of the rich legacy of traditions they grow up with.

Here are few of the very interesting Jamaican wedding traditions which will make you fall in love with this country.

Jamaican weddings are nice gathering of family and friends

There is tradition of calling all the family members and relatives to celebrate the moment of togetherness. Huge weddings are organized and people see it as a pretext for catching up with each other. Destination weddings and theme weddings have added more flavors to this idea of getting married and so Jamaican photographers are quite busy during the occasion capturing special moments throughout the event.

Cake comes from the groom’s grandma

Once the wedding is announced, groom’s grandmother is given the responsibility of baking the cake. Preparations of cake start a week before the D-day and she soaks dried fruits in rum for the period between engagement and marriage. Then, on the day of marriage, matriarchs of the village carry the cake to the venue. It is a very sweet and thoughtful tradition.

Wedding gown takes the lace from mother’s wedding gown

Jamaica culture is all about close family bonds. You can see these strong bonds in menial things which value the sanctity of relationships. Bride takes the lace from her mother’s wedding gown and integrates into the design of gown which she is supposed to wear on the occasion. Also, some portions of bride’s gown are used in making the children’s christening gowns in future.

Wedding menu

Traditional wedding menu is goat’s meat. Couple has to pick the family that owns the herd of goat. There is lot of bondage and familiarity involved in deciding about the family. Goat once finalized is separated from the herd and is nourished further in bride’s familial property and then is prepared in the form of curry on the wedding day.

Marquee preparation

Marquee preparation is a daylong activity. Groom is not supposed to participate in marquee preparation but can supervise the work from a distance. Men from the community participate in the marquee preparation together and show how closely bonded they are.

Jamaican wedding is all about togetherness and celebrations. Villagers gather at the bride’s place before the wedding night and party all night long by drinking and merry-making. Women also share their anecdotes of their own wedding nights and tease and gossip with bride on various occasions.

You must hire the best from the horde of Jamaican photographers who are well-versed with the traditions. By doing this, you can ensure that these professionals will capture all the special moments without fail and will give you nice collage of memories to cherish throughout life.