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The Best Locations In Australia For Wedding Photos



A couple’s wedding photos are something they cherish for the rest of their lives. Those getting married in Australia have several choices of locations that are ideal for taking wedding photos at. The big cities such as Melbourne are offering lots of stylish and luxurious wedding locations for wedding photos.

The best locations in Australia for wedding photos are the ones which have some meaning to you. Don’t select your wedding photoshoot based on what is trendy and hip at the moment. Think about where you first met, what activities you like doing together or what your personal style is. You will find YOUR wedding location in Australia.

Perfect Australian Wedding Photography Locations

Australia has a variety of locations available which makes it a perfect country for destination weddings. The rainforest in Queensland, the iconic Sydney Harbour with it’s Opera House, the red centre or the stylish european inspired city of Melbourne.

We give you some ideas for wonderful wedding locations in Australia, Your wedding photographer will have lots of fun photographing your wedding.


Rainforest and luxury resorts for weddings

The rainforest of Paronella Park provides beautiful scenery for wedding photos. With cascading waterfalls, rock pools, gardens and huge ruins, Paronella Park is breathtaking. Its Castillo, featuring a grand staircase, provides couples with an excellent location to have their wedding party photographed.

The Qualia Luxury Resort can be found on one of the largest coral reef systems in the world. Wet edged pools and handcrafted timber are found at the resort, which is an extremely sunny location for couples to have wedding photos done at. The resort accommodates both indoor and outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings are held on the resort’s lawn, which looks out over Whitsunday Passage. The resort’s Pebble Beach also makes for a great backdrop for wedding photos.

To have wedding pictures with a rural feel, couples can be photographed at the Chapel Hill Retreat. Within the Blue Mountains lie Mt. Tomah’s foothills, a beautiful location for wedding photos. On a foggy day a couple’s wedding photos can be enhanced by the atmosphere.

Get the best wedding photos in Sydney

The Camp Cove Beach at Watsons Bay is also a popular location for couples to take wedding photos. While the beach itself provides a beautiful photo opportunity, other locations within the beach that lend themselves to wedding pictures include visually stunning cliffs, and a view of the Sydney Harbor in the background. Many couples choose to have their photos taken on the beach at sunset, as this can lead to some unforgettable photos.

Hyde Park is also a location that couples have wedding photos done at. Its 16 acre vegetation provides some interesting photos for couples to remember their wedding day by.

Bradley’s Head Ampitheatre in the Sydney Harbour National Park is another location where many couples have their wedding photos taken. Couples can pose for photos with the city’s iconic bridge in the background. When the days are sunny the waters under the bridge simmer, adding even more to a couple’s wedding photos. Even on gloomy days storm clouds can make for some interesting photos that couples can capture.

For couples who love animals, wedding photos at Taronga Zoo in Sydney can be very memorable. The zoo is located on the water of Mosman’s north shore. Couples can have their wedding photographs taken with the Sydney Harbor in the background, as the zoo provides a 180 degree view of it. The Sydney Skyline can add wonder and magic to a couple’s wedding photos.


Best wedding photography locations in Melbourne

The Melbourne Zoo also offers plenty of locations for wedding ceremonies or functions. The bride and groom can also feed the giraffes with the wedding bouquet.

Another location in Melbourne that is ideal for wedding photos to be taken at is The Royal Botanic Gardens right next to the Melbourne CBD. Spots within the garden that are popular with couples getting married are ponds and fountains as well as the sprawling lawns. There are lots of other parks in Melbourne which usually don’t charge

But Melbourne has far more to offer and is known for luxury and stylish wedding locations. Imagine your wedding photos taken in the new George Ballroom with its high ceilings. The perfect venue for your wedding.

The laneways in Melbourne offer a perfect backdrop for more quirky wedding photos and have luxury restaurants nearby. The steps of Parliament (careful: permit might be necessary) or the Fitzroy gardens are other well known wedding photo locations in Melbourne.

Melbourne has also some of the best beach locations for wedding photos in Australia. It’s wonderful empty beaches which are close to the Melbourne CBD in St Kilda, Port Melbourne or Brighton. Luxury restaurants are directly at the beachfront making it easy to just go out for a few wonderful wedding photos at sunset in Melbourne. St Kilda Pier, Princess Pier or even insider tips such as Carrum Downs are perfect spots for your wedding photos.

These are just a few of the many locations where couples can have unforgettable wedding photos taken within a variety of different visually appealing settings.

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