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The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Wedding Videographer

Like many people, I forgot to book a wedding videographer during the beginning stages of my wedding planning journey. The venue was the first booking that I made, followed by the wedding photographer. Once I neared the end of my wedding planning journey, I posted to Facebook to ask my friends and family if there was anything else that I had forgotten… I received 31 responses and of those responses 23 were to book a wedding videographer. The search for a professional wedding videographer had begun.

I initially sought out recommendations from the Facebook post, the majority were for a long established wedding videography company in Suffolk with a massive 9 recommendations, after browsing their website, I didn’t feel like their style of videography suited my personality and so the search continued. Eventually, by searching on Google Maps, I found the wedding videographer that I wanted to use and I left them an email to which they responded almost immediately – sadly they were already booked on the date of my wedding and so I had to use another wedding videographer.

The problem that I then faced wasn’t that the other wedding videographer wasn’t good, they were experienced and had a nice portfolio. The problem was that I didn’t budget for a wedding videographer at the beginning of my wedding planning journey. I only had £800 left that I was able to put towards a video which is nowhere near enough for the quality of work that I wanted. A good wedding videographer in Suffolk typically charges £1400-2500. Things were not looking good!

Firstly, the Suffolk Wedding Videographer that I wanted to book was unavailable, and secondly – I couldn’t afford the quality of wedding videography that I wanted. After looking at multiple options including loans and financing packages, I decided to opt for a videographer that met in the middle of my budget and the higher-end prices of the professional wedding videographers.

What a disaster! I won’t go in to the details but I am left wishing that I had of just planned better during the initial stages of booking things for my wedding as I would have been able to factor in the wedding videographer that I actually wanted, I am writing this blog post as a message to anybody else who is in the early stages of their wedding planning, or even the late stages – it doesn’t matter! Just be sure to book a wedding videographer and don’t worry about the price! ALL wedding videographers are cheap, even at the higher end – the amount of work that goes into creating a wedding film is unbelievable and it cannot be undervalued or underestimated. You only get one shot, and it needs to be perfect!

If you are looking for more tips and information regarding wedding videographers, you should check out Rock’n’Roll Bride magazine, I have found them to be the best as their articles are well thought out and they have non-biased reviews.

Thanks for reading and good luck with planning your wedding!