Wedding Planning

Save the Date – Destinations

With destination weddings becoming more and more popular, that means that Save the Date cards are growing in popularity as well. Given the fact that you for destination wedding you need to send Save the Date cards, because you have to assure your guests know how to plan accordingly, Save the Date templates have become the Miss Congeniality of wedding stationery, right behind wedding invitations. Since Save the Dates are usually a reflection of the couple and venue, there are some pretty creative ways that you can use to create you Save the Date cards for your destination wedding. Let’s check them out!

  1. For Beach Weddings

There are a multitude of things you can do for Save the Date cards for beach weddings. First off, you can get sea shells that you write on and you can send them out. Consider tiny messages in little bottles that can be sent out. If they seem a little bit to complicated and too much of a hassle, you can create beautiful Save the Date cards that have the color palettes matching the sea.

  1. For Winter Weddings

You can go all out and order snow globes that contain the Save the Date text that you want your invitees to see. Something else you can do is get tiny branches from pine trees and wind the Save the Date stationery around them, or go for another creative approach and get tiny winter scarf samples where you can sew the information (this should go to a professional so it doesn’t take you ages).

  1. For Rustic Weddings

You have a lot of cute and simple options here: get small wood coasters engraved with a personalized logo on one side and on the other, have the text that would normally go on cards; buy burlap in bulk, section it off and attach recycled paper with the needed information on the sections of burlap. Those are just some of the great ideas that you could use.

  1. For Modern Weddings

Here, it depends very much on what type of modern, if we’re talking about a nerdy wedding, with fantasy or comic book elements, it would be really cool to have a pop-art inspired Save the Date design. If it is modern because of the ceremony, decorations and materials used then you can go for engraved, thin plastic for the Save the Date cards or even an email version.

That is about it from our side. We are sure your Save the Date templates will be amazing and a great way for the invitees to get to know a bit about the wedding before the actual event.