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Sasha Prince photography – Freezing your time-less precious moments!

Come and experience the joy of memories and the recollection of events with Sasha Prince Photography – your one stop shop for best photography in town!

We are not just any photography shop, we are the planners and the creators who strive to make your day as perfect as possible for you. We plan your wedding shoots in such a manner that they become etched in the pictures and we create pictures that speak thousand words especially when you look at them even after years.

Based in Hawaii, we offer photography services in Lahaina, Wailuku, Kahului, Kaanapali, Kahana, Napili, Kapalua, Wailea, Makena and Kihei. Whether you are arranging a full-fledged wedding with thousands of guests or it is a simple affair or even an elopement, we take care of all the photography needs and make sure that you have the happy moments in your hands, to see and recall whenever you feel like sharing them with your kids and grandkids.

We provide both traditional as well as photojournalistic photography where we focus on finding the most precious moments during your wedding and other events. In addition to this, we also provide portrait packages that help to capture the best moments in your life, situations and milestones in a very artistic manner to make them most memorable.

We understand that it is human nature, that in the presence of someone, you would not be as expressive with your partner, as you would be if you were alone. We, as photographers are as unobtrusive as possible. We are observant and quick to capture any special moment at the right time. We would be relaxed, but extremely agile at the same time so as to capture spontaneous moments in seconds! We want to capture the perfect chemistry between couples!

Along with this, also make wedding albums and work on prints and travel logs, thus taking care of all your needs related to photography in the finest manner. Our albums are designed and printed in such a manner that they become lasting memories for you as we are not just photographers but we are creators and planners and we fill your venue with colors and spirit that make it something out of this world.

We not only take pictures but we also capture the emotions and the happiness of the event. We make sure to create a timeless collection that helps you remember those events and weddings as it was just yesterday that they took place.

You just choose the venue and the package and we will take care of the rest. We will make your event most memorable and simply amazing so that you and your guests enjoy every moment of it and relive it for every day of your life…

We make your dreams come true with our amazing photography – choose your package now and get the perfect combination of class and style for pictures that help you celebrate life and love! Visit our website to learn more about Wedding Photography MauiMaui Photography