Wedding Planning

Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding invitation etiquette can be a little more intricate than you may have anticipated. Planning a wedding is full of these fun little things that you would never know if you’ve never planned a wedding. Have no fear! We’ve got all you need to know and more – you’re totally covered when it comes to the in’s and out’s of wedding invitations. Here are the important things to remember.

When It Comes to Sending Them

If you are having a wedding that is local to where most of your guests live, you’ll want to mail your wedding invitations at least six to eight weeks before the wedding. If you are planning to have a destination wedding you should be courteous to the guests you plan to invite by sending invitations out a little earlier. Sending the invitations sooner it allows those guests who have to travel the time to adequately plan for travel and make arrangements for accommodation. You’ll want to get them in the mail three months before the wedding date. If your wedding is going to be a more remote or exotic location, send them out even sooner – perhaps four or even five months before the wedding. Travel arrangements to far-flung destinations can be more difficult to plan, so if you expect people to come to your wedding, give them lots of notice!

When It Comes to The R.S.V.P

Be sure to ask all of your guests to R.S.V.P. at least two to three weeks before the big day! That way you can get meal options and seating arrangements sorted in plenty of time for all those last minute changes you may have to make up until the actual day. This tends to be the hardest part, unfortunately.  Be sure to keep track of who has and hasn’t sent back their R.S.V.P. so you can call them a few weeks before the weekend to confirm their plans.

When It Comes to The Wording

Wording can be a bit difficult. Think about the type of wedding you are throwing. Is it formal? Intimate? A little modern and not-so-traditional? Also, things like: Do you want to invite couples only? Or kids? If you don’t want to invite children, that can be implied on the reception card, but not the invitation itself. Keep your wording simple, direct and clear. You can update your guests with the bridal party, registry and other social events via your wedding website or social media page.

Here are some examples of traditional and modern invitation wording. There are so many possibilities these days, though!

Formal Invitation Wording

Formal invites normally are written as if sent from the parents of the bride to the guests:

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith

request the honor of your presence

as their daughter

Brittany Nicole Smith

is married to

Jason Carter Joseph

son of Mr. and Mrs. Abel Joseph

Saturday, the fifteenth of September

two thousand and sixteen

three o’clock in the afternoon

The Bath Priory

Bath, England

Reception Immediately Following

Modern Invitation Wording

Modern invites are a little less formal and can be an announcement from the couple or even from divorced parents collectively inviting the guests:

Chloe Beth Smith


Jonathan Maxwell Clohecy

together with their families

cordially invite you to their wedding

Saturday, the fifteenth of September

two thousand and sixteen

half past seven o’clock

in the evening

Crown Ballroom

72 & Amsterdam

New York, NY 90123

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