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Planning a Wedding in a Hurry

Planning a Wedding in a HurryWhen you need to plan a wedding in a hurry you are dealing with unique circumstances that make the process different from planning a wedding in advance.

Booking a venue for a last minute wedding can be a difficult task. Most hotels and catering halls take wedding reservations months in advance, so they are not often an option for a last minute wedding. Venues that are better able to accommodate weddings for a date in the near future include restaurants and even something as unconventional as a photography studio. Booking your last minute wedding at a restaurant also ensures that your wedding party and guests will be served by the restaurant itself.

For a wedding taking place at home many grocery stores will deliver platters of food you can feed your guests with. Big box retailers are also an option for obtaining your wedding day food.

Like the venue, wedding invitations need to be purchased months before the big day. So for a wedding that must be planned quickly it is acceptable to hand write invitations or using a wedding website to invite your guests.

Acquiring a cake for your wedding is best done by having a family member or friend to bake the cake themselves. At bakeries, wedding cakes are always made to order and must be ordered well in advance of the nuptials.

Typical bridal shops take weeks to get a bride’s wedding gown shipped so brides planning a wedding in a hurry generally find themselves shopping at a chain bridal store in order to obtain a dress that is already in stock. This also applies to bridesmaid dresses, though you can also purchase them in major department stores.

Choosing flowers for bouquets and decorations is something you should do at a local garden center or farmer’s market when you are planning a wedding in a hurry. At the last minute, obtaining the flowers for your wedding will be easier to do if you choose flowers that are in season and available in your area. Optionally, you can forego the flowers all together and make bouquets of wedding sparklers or something edible instead, but most couples stick with classic floral bouquets.

To ensure that photographs are taken on your wedding day, employ a friend, family member or even a neighbor with skills behind the lens. You will also end up with more wedding photos if you leave disposable cameras on each table so that guests can snap pictures throughout the day.

While most couples start a wedding registry at their favorite store you might not have this option at the last minute. The best way to get around this is to simply sign up for a gift card wedding registry online. If you would prefer you can let your guests know that because the wedding is being planned in a hurry, cash would be an acceptable wedding gift.

Planning a wedding in a hurry can be done as long as you keep an open mind and you are willing to be flexible when making the arrangements. You will still have the wedding day you have always dreamed of.

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