Wedding Planning

Making A Wedding Using a Party Rental Company

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s an event that you will remember all of your life, with pictures to look back on and share with people for decades to come. It stands to reason that you’ll want to make your wedding the most perfect day possible, and that includes a beautiful and decadent set-up.

Even a small wedding can require a shocking amount of tablecloths, tables, chairs, and decorations. Even if you like throwing big parties, odds are you are never going to have a need for party supplies on that scale ever again. Instead of ordering them all and then going through the hassle of selling them later, why not simply rent them?

Party rental companies is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to handle the bulk of your wedding supplies. Most rental companies have a wide variety of styles, from Chiavari chairs to beautiful, airy tents.

You can get exquisite tablecloths and other party supplies for a more modest price when you rent them, allowing you to stretch your budget for an even better wedding than you planned.

Best of all, you can make an event with a party rental company and they will deliver the needed items to your venue, and more importantly, will store them for you until the wedding. If you do decide that buying everything is right for you, storage may be one of the biggest struggles you face.

Tips for using a party rental company

Every party rental company will be a little bit different in how they handle things. Some companies require you to book well in advance, and have specific time windows for them to drop things off in. Others are a bit looser with their requirements. It’s best to call the rental company in advance to go over their guidelines. You can get a reccomondation from your local chamber of commerce on which company to use.

When you call, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Party rental companies have a lot of experience not just in renting, but also in what works best in your area. You may learn that it always rains in June, and you’ll want a tent that can keep the worst of it off your guests, or that cotton tablecloths look the best, for the same price as nylon ones.

It’s in the rental companies best interest that you have a great wedding, and they’ll be happy to give you advice to help you obtain that picture perfect wedding.

A week before the event, block out time to read your rental order line by line. It’s important to check everything on the list, so you don’t find out on your wedding day you forgot to order enough tablecloths, or that utensils weren’t on the list at all.

In the end, your wedding is about you and what you want. Renting the basic party supplies may be the key to allowing you to focus on the details, without having to stress about contacting multiple vendors if you need to make a change or have a new idea during your planning process.