Wedding Planning

How to Save on Your Total Wedding Budget

These days many couples are facing the Wedding budget that must be met to have their dream event. Whatever the budget is there is a solution out there. The solution is not what you would typically think of. Many couples feel hiring a Wedding Planner is costly and would depart from their budget. However, the opposite is true, the Wedding Planner has a purpose to MEET your budget.

Case in point, a full wedding has many costs from the announcements, parties, favors, catering, venues, etc. the costs can be excessive. However, the Wedding Planner has the contacts to get the good deals without sacrificing quality. An example of this is one company, Wedding Treats and More located out of the Miami area of FL.

Jessica F. Cantor, as a representative of the company, states that every bride should at least get a free consultation from a professional to go over their budget and needs. For example, our company offers a FREE schedule and assessment with the couple’s financial needs in mind. Wedding Treats and More is offering what many are doing these days for the budget conscious.

Consider this option to help in focusing your planning needs and to take off the stress from the couple during this exciting time in their life. You can get a free assessment, schedule, Wedding Expo tickets and $200.00 off packages by contacting Wedding Treats and More at or visiting their website at Visit them at the Florida Bridal Expo on 1/9 and 1/10 and don’t forget to ask for the free tickets. There will be huge SWAG bags for anyone attending that mentions this article. You will get floral samples, coupons, favor samples and more! The SWAG bag is worth over $75.00 alone. Also, contact them for a free favor sample for the first 100 requests of their famous S’more Pops.