Wedding Planning

How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Timeline

A beauty timeline should be at the top of every bride’s list of priorities. Even before she sets a date and picks a dress, the beauty timeline commences, or ideally, it should if she wants to look positively radiant and swoon-worthy on her wedding day. Starting a beauty timeline takes a bit of planning since the whole point of the endeavor is to avoid last-minute fracas and fiascos. So to help every bride plan their wedding beauty regimes ahead of time so that they can look absolutely scrumptious on the big day, we have brought to you the ultimate bridal beauty timeline. Let’s begin.

8 Months Prior

8 months may seem like nearly a year, but that’s the ideal time to start your beauty regime. Haircuts and waxing can obviously wait, but you first need to attend to those things that will actually make your skin glow from inside on the wedding day.

  • First things first, start the vitamin pills. Beauty vitamins equal silky shiny hair, glowing skin, and good health.
  • Also if you are planning to change your hair color, now is a good time to give it a try. Doing it now will give you plenty of time to change it later if you want to or to undo dye damages if any.
  • 8 months is also the sweet spot to kick start your skincare routine. Try something new, instead of going back to your old routine. This time, your skin needs something extra. So, do the usual cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing, but incorporate other treatments too.
  • If you are going to wax or shave, then that has to wait, but if you are planning for a laser hair removal, now is the time to get it done. It will need at least 5 to 7 weeks for the full procedure to complete, not to mention the after-care and all involved.
  • You also want to hop onto a fitness routine around this time to make sure that you are in your best shape by the time of the wedding ceremony.

4 Months Out

With only 4 months left, you must now hurry up.

  • Time to get your hair and makeup appointments for the trials. Try as many artists as you like until you find one to finalize. Be as cogent as you are when shopping for your diamond engagement rings. When you are happy with the trial work, book them immediately to avoid any last-minute conflict of schedules.
  • That out of the way, continue the vitamins and the workout. With just 4 months to go, now is a good time to give up eating fries and fast food until after the wedding.

2 Months to Go

There is a lot to be done at this point, which you couldn’t do before or leave for later. So, pull up your socks.

  • Unless you want to look orange on the wedding day, start examining your tanning options. For that perfect sun-kissed bronzy glow, take an appointment with a tanning salon today. Alternately you could also use a tanning moisturizer if you want to avoid all that trouble of spray tanning.
  • Grab all the beauty accessories that you will need for the wedding day and reception party makeup. Lipsticks, foundations, blushes, get everything you need.
  • Get an appointment at your dentist’s for a dental cleanup and whitening. You need to get your pearly whites all ready for the million-dollar smile that the photographers would be snapping away all day.
  • If you have plans of a botox treatment, this is the point where you want to get it done, considering that the effects take a couple of weeks to kick in.
  • Turn your gym routine into full gear. If you were doing 30 minutes a day till now, add another 30 minutes to that. Join a yoga class in the morning or beat the work stress doing Zumba in the evening.

2 Weeks Only

Now you are down to just two weeks. It’ll practically pass in a flash. So start getting the skin treatments now.

  • Get a hair treatment to enhance the shine and color of your hair. While you are at it, get the ends trimmed. Now is also a good time to get some highlights done, but go easy on the choice of color because this is basically the point of no return.
  • From here on out, exfoliate seriously. Grab a nice luxurious scrub and use it at least three times a week. Keep your skin free from dead cell depositions.
  • Brows are important, and so it’s imperative that you start working on them before late. Start tweezing the extra hairs now so that you can avoid the rashes and redness on the big day.

A Week from the Day

Time to visit the salon again.

  • Get a nice facial done now so that the glow reveals itself exactly on the day of the wedding.
  • Also if you want to get some root coverages done, now is a good time.

5 Days

With the wedding less than a week away, you need to catch up on a few things.

  • Hit the salon if you are doing the traditional waxing. With some days in hand, the redness and bumps will subside as you treat your skin back to normal.
  • At this stage, quit skincare like Vitamin C, retinol, etc. to duck any possibility of dermatological irritations.

3 Days

Begin a home skincare routine that includes light peeling. If you are thinking of masks, now is a good time to put some on to get that plump and radiant look on the wedding day.

2 Days

It’s time to relax a little.

  • Hit the salon for a nice relaxing pedicure and manicure.
  • Also, go in for a spray tan.

1 Day Before

It’s your day off. There isn’t much to do now except taking your beauty sleep. Also, stay hydrated.

Congratulations, you have done it. Your beauty timeline has come to an end and it’s time to get ready for your big day. One last thing, don’t forget to use waterproof mascara.