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Groom’s Gifts: Choosing The Right Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a great gift for any man – and especially so for the groom. As they come in an extremely wide range of designs, there is surely a design that is meaningful to him. Taking the time to choose the right cufflink conveys sincerity and a sense of intimacy.

In this article, we put together a short guide on what to look out for when choosing cufflinks.


The motif is the face of the cufflink, and is the main visible part when it is worn. You can never go wrong with personalized cufflinks, such as a pair of alphabets that represent his initials. These cufflinks are easy to pick and add a touch of uniqueness to your gift.

Otherwise, you can be subtler when personalizing your cufflinks by choosing a theme that bears a special meaning. For example, you could get a pair of anchor cufflinks if the groom is in the Navy, or perhaps a Watch Movement themed of cufflinks for a mechanical engineer.

Closure Mechanism

There are many different types of cufflink closure mechanisms. However, we recommend getting the bullet-back and whale-back models for convenience of wear and superior security. Both the bullet-back and whale-back models of cufflinks have a tail that swivels: this makes them easy to insert by swiveling the tail parallel to the axel, and secure on your shirtcuffs by swiveling the tail perpendicular to the axel.

However, silk knot cufflinks are only secured by the knots at their ends. This is usually not a big issue since these cufflinks are much lighter and do not fall off easily.

Cufflink Material

Apart from motif, cufflink material is the most important factor in the formality of the cufflink. Hence you must consider the occupation of the groom when selecting it. Fabric cufflinks are usually worn by students and interns. Steel cufflinks are acceptable for almost every work occasion. Silver or gold cufflinks are usually reserved for executives or more formal occasions like weddings.