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Food Truck Catering for Weddings: Important Tips

There are a variety of ways to cater your special day, but one of the hottest new trends is food trucks for weddings. From tapas to street tacos, to scrumptious gourmet options and desserts, today’s food trucks won’t disappoint. That said, choosing the right food truck catering service is the key a successful outcome. The following tips will help.

Researching Food Trucks for Weddings

Before you sign on the dotted line take the time to do research, visiting websites like Yelp, asking for local referrals, etc. If food trucks are popular in your community, plan a day out where you visit several, sample the foods, etc. A lot of local restaurants these days offer food truck catering as well.

Ask for Expert Advice

Professional food truck caterers will have experience catering large events and most will be able to help you coordinate everything. Ask them for expert advice covering recommendations on feeding a large group of people, based on their specific experiences. You’ll also want to ask them how much food they think you’ll need to satisfy your guest list and effective ways to keep them happy while they wait in line.

Liability Insurance and Permits

Make sure the food trucks for weddings you’re considering have the necessary liability insurance and permits from the health department. It’s also important to check with both the venue and the trucks to review any necessary documentation. When it comes to venues, make sure they allow food trucks and ask about electricity hookups, parking, etc.

You May Need More Than One Truck

A great way to avoid having your guests wait in long lines is to have more than one food truck available. This also makes the dining choices a lot more enjoyable and varied, also including dessert.

Dealing with Lines

Combining the dining time with a variety of other activities like live musical entertainment, a photo booth, etc., can make it easier to cut down on the lines. Providing entertainment will also make waiting in line a lot more enjoyable for your guests. Limited menu items can also help decrease lines because it reduces the amount of prep work the food truck staff have to do. They’ll be able to prepare a few things ahead of time, or during slow periods, prior to the reception, streamlining the process. When guests only have a few options the ordering process will be a lot faster and less work will be required during the rush. Also, when the menu is limited, it helps the food truck employees figure out which of the food choices would go fast and address it accordingly.

Food truck weddings come with lots of great perks including great food options, they’re budget-friendly, ease of having everything in one place and yes, style. You’ll be able to enjoy the food you and your guests will love, ranging from spicy street tacos to gourmet options, to artisanal coffee and ice cream. Then there’s the convenience of location flexibility, always an important factor. Let’s face it – what’s not to love about food trucks for weddings?