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Exciting Summer Wedding Games

Summer time is the best when it comes to having a wedding. It has been found that more brides choose the month of June to tie their nuptial knot than any other time of the year. Well, it’s just that summers are so vibrant and fabulous in many places around the globe. There are lush green landscapes, sweet smelling flowers, wonderful weather, and more daylight hours to make your wedding a magical experience. It’s the perfect ambiance for a wedding, so having a summer wedding is ideal for both the ceremony and reception; particularly outdoors.

The wedding reception is the time for the new couple to celebrate, but it is also the most appropriate time for the guests to get engaged in the celebration. The crowd can get involved in exciting summer wedding games that offer fun and enjoyment to those participating. There are various kinds of games that take the amount of fun each wedding guest is having to another level, and this can be added to by creating the right atmosphere. Tropical drinks during summer are an absolute favorite treat, so let the guests settle at the table with a host of tropical flavored drinks nearby as they play their summer wedding games.

One fun game to play is to serve your guests a variety of tropical cocktails without telling them what each one is. The participants will be given paper to write down what drinks were served to them. Once the designated timeframe is completed, the couple then asks for the paper from each of the groups. The group with highest number of correctly identified drinks is declared the winner. You can choose any type of prize for the winners, but going with something inexpensive and summer-themed like Hawaiian leas is always a great choice.

Another fun-filled game is the “tropical destination game” that involves showing pictures of Hawaii, Jamaica, or other tropical areas. The game includes writing down where the guests would like to visit in these tropical countries as well as what they’d like to do while they’re there. Points are awarded based on who has the funniest or most original ideas, plus you can add bonus points for any guests who get a little naughtier with their answers. Since summer is typically a gorgeous time of year wherever you happen to be, this can be a great way to enjoy the weather and make your wedding reception more entertaining.

Though many people think of a wedding reception as a glorified banquet with some dancing and cocktails, you can make it into so much more with some inventive planning and research. There are opportunities throughout any wedding reception to incorporate games and other fun elements like wedding sparklers or bubbles without too much fuss, and a summer wedding gives even more of these opportunities than most other seasons. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for ideas on how to add some summer wedding games to your reception because they will probably have an abundance of great ideas.

At the end of the day, wedding games make your entire event more fun and memorable. You don’t have to do anything elaborate and you can even just break out the croquet or bocce ball set to add a summer wedding game that everyone will love to play.

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