Wedding Planning

Bridal Party Jewelry Solution

Weddings are a beautiful, joyful, wonderful event, but they can be a bit stressful and require a lot of planning.

Everyone knows about getting the right wedding dress for the bride. The bridesmaids are next with their dresses as well- which must also be beautiful but not stand out too much (so that the bride won’t be overlooked). A nice lavender or perhaps beige is a great color for your bridesmaids dresses, but what about their jewelry? Nowadays, jewelry can be just as important as the dresses, shoes, make up and hair. A bride may want to brighten up her entourage with some elegant, beautiful, classy necklaces. For example, a beautiful little heart pendant. However, let’s say she has ten bridesmaids and needs ten necklaces for all of them.

Bridesmaids come in all different shapes and sizes so getting the necklaces to fit all of them perfectly may be a challenge. For one bridesmaid the necklace may be too long, for the another it may be too short. So what do you do? There’s actually an easy and very convenient solution. It’s called a necklace extender. A necklace extender is an accessory that you simply add to your necklace chain that will give it exactly the length you need. With such a simple solution, you can now make sure all your bridesmaids are in perfect order. A necklace extender is also very useful for the bride as well- if she wants something beautiful around her neck. It’s the perfect solution for your jewelry needs. It’s unnoticeable and makes a huge difference.