Wedding Planning

4 Mistakes Every First-Time Bride Should Avoid

Follow these tips so you don’t fall prey to the biggest pitfalls of wedding planning.

1. Opening registries in too many places
It’s understandable, you want dinnerware from one store; barware from another; and bedding from somewhere else, so you create a bunch of different registries. Good for you—not so good for your guests, who’ll have to make several stops to find you the perfect gift. The solution?, where you can import all of your existing registries—and even add new ones—onto one universal gift list that your guests can shop from. Plus, you get to keep all the signup perks the stores give you (free gifts, completion discounts, etc.).

2. Dress shopping with a large entourage
Of course all your besties are excited for you and want to be part of the planning process, but too many onlookers can lead to too many opinions—and your inability to pick the right dress. Try to bring no more than 2 or 3 supportive pals whose advice you trust—and tend to agree with.

3. Ordering flowers without first doing your homework
Bouquets and table arrangements can quickly become one of your biggest wedding expenses. Before making any final decisions, it pays to do a little digging to ID flower costs. For example, want peonies at your winter wedding? Expect to pay a pretty penny. These flowers, which bloom in the U.S. in spring, will have to be flown in from a place as far as New Zealand.

4. Leaving too little time for hair and makeup
Your wedding day should be blissful, not stressful. To ensure you’re as relaxed as possible while you and your party are getting ready, work out a hair and makeup schedule well in advance of your big day and pad your time with each pro. Oh, and don’t forget to nibble as you primp. You don’t want to feel faint during the ceremony.