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Things that make a Jamaican wedding memorable

Weddings are anyway a memorable occasion and if these happen with all pomp and show, they remain etched in the minds forever. Couples always love to have traditional weddings and when one is talking about traditions and culture, Country of Jamaica gets the mention naturally. Jamaican traditions are a nice mix of both European and African culture and people are amazing representatives of the rich legacy of traditions they grow up with.

Here are few of the very interesting Jamaican wedding traditions which will make you fall in love with this country.

Jamaican weddings are nice gathering of family and friends

There is tradition of calling all the family members and relatives to celebrate the moment of togetherness. Huge weddings are organized and people see it as a pretext for catching up with each other. Destination weddings and theme weddings have added more flavors to this idea of getting married and so Jamaican photographers are quite busy during the occasion capturing special moments throughout the event.

Cake comes from the groom’s grandma

Once the wedding is announced, groom’s grandmother is given the responsibility of baking the cake. Preparations of cake start a week before the D-day and she soaks dried fruits in rum for the period between engagement and marriage. Then, on the day of marriage, matriarchs of the village carry the cake to the venue. It is a very sweet and thoughtful tradition.

Wedding gown takes the lace from mother’s wedding gown

Jamaica culture is all about close family bonds. You can see these strong bonds in menial things which value the sanctity of relationships. Bride takes the lace from her mother’s wedding gown and integrates into the design of gown which she is supposed to wear on the occasion. Also, some portions of bride’s gown are used in making the children’s christening gowns in future.

Wedding menu

Traditional wedding menu is goat’s meat. Couple has to pick the family that owns the herd of goat. There is lot of bondage and familiarity involved in deciding about the family. Goat once finalized is separated from the herd and is nourished further in bride’s familial property and then is prepared in the form of curry on the wedding day.

Marquee preparation

Marquee preparation is a daylong activity. Groom is not supposed to participate in marquee preparation but can supervise the work from a distance. Men from the community participate in the marquee preparation together and show how closely bonded they are.

Jamaican wedding is all about togetherness and celebrations. Villagers gather at the bride’s place before the wedding night and party all night long by drinking and merry-making. Women also share their anecdotes of their own wedding nights and tease and gossip with bride on various occasions.

You must hire the best from the horde of Jamaican photographers who are well-versed with the traditions. By doing this, you can ensure that these professionals will capture all the special moments without fail and will give you nice collage of memories to cherish throughout life.

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Tips for planning your wedding in the evening

wedding photographer
During the summer months, wedding couples that get married during the day get full sunshine and their weddings are typically over by the time the sun sets, presenting its magnificent colors – a missed opportunity. When you get married in the evening, you and your guests don’t need miss out on this spectacular sight, which also makes a magical backdrop for wedding photos.  This is just one of many advantages of getting married at night.

Following are 5 tips for planning your wedding in the evening.

1. Always Consider the Weather

If you want to get married during the evening hours, be sure to consider the weather says a Fairfield County Wedding Photographer. If it’s warm outside and it’s an area where mosquitoes may be a problem, make sure and spray for them prior to the event and keep mosquito deterrents strategically placed throughout all of the reception areas. If it’s going to be a chilly evening, rent some gas heaters, or have a small fire pit or two handy to warm things up.

2. Take Advantage of the Evening Hours

Once the sun sets, you can enhance the magical effects of the evening hour, perhaps having your guests hold sparklers to light your way to you your hubby to be or to the wedding getaway car. If allowed, imagine having fireworks mark the occasion. Your wedding venue’s open air grounds can be transformed into a sparkling wonderland by placing lights on the fountains, in the trees, enhancing marquees and lining the driveway – beautiful!

3. Creative Use of Candles

Candles add a special luminescent ambience to any event and are the perfect addition to any outdoor evening wedding. You can use luminaries to line the sidewalks, place tea lights in pretty, perhaps decorated, wine glasses, strategically placing them throughout.  You also might want to consider giving smallish tapers in candle holders to guests that they can light and hold as you say your vows. Also, imagine creating a magical first impression by presenting your guests with a beautifully illuminated reception area/ballroom – this is something that definitely has a much more impressive effect that a daytime, sunlight event would have.

 4. Treat Your Guests to a Cocktail hour Before the Ceremony

Hold a lovely “pre-ceremony” cocktail party for your guests, giving them time to mingle and get to know each other while they enjoy the sunset with some tasty hors d’oeuvres and a drink or two.. This way, following the ceremony, everyone can go right in to dinner, making it possible for you to have your wedding ceremony later in the evening, just in time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset, just for you, as you exchange vows.

5. Photography/Videography

Plan for photos indoors as well as outdoors and make sure that your photographer has experience taking both daylight and twilight shots. Consider a variety of photos, on a chaise lounge together, by the venue’s fireplace or outdoors in the evening, surrounded by the tiny white lights and candles that accent the area. The possibilities are endless and your professional wedding photographer will be able to help you come up with ideas.

Bottom line, there’s nothing quite as dramatic and breathtaking as getting married during the twilight hours.

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Get the wedding dress that is perfect for your big and special day

wedding dresses

You don’t get married every day, so you should make sure that when it does happen you look absolutely stunning. At no other point in your life should your beauty, elegance, and grace be rivaled. You should be the center of attention, not only because you will be the only one walking down the aisle but because you are so radiant and attractive. The wedding dress you choose will contribute to your attaining this aim—that is, if you choose the right one.

Many places offer wedding dresses for sale, but they are not all to be trusted. You should put the affairs surrounding the purchase of your wedding dress into the hands of those who have proven that they know how to handle things. You want to get the best advice and you want to have presented to you the best options. All the styles, colors, forms, and shapes should be offered to you, so that you can make one of the most important decisions of your life.

You should never have to rush your purchase of a wedding dress. It is an item of such great importance to your wedding that care and discretion must be used in its purchase. Bridesmaid dresses in Syracuse New York are easily obtainable. However, you must ensure that the vendor you purchase yours from carries the right quality dresses in stock. You should not waste your time with people who don’t really know the trade and cannot give you the kind of dress that you want.

The old cliché that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life is never quite lifeless. The truth is that the day you get married you will have all the people you love and care about around you. Only the Best Bridal Salon Syracuse NY can make you feel your absolute best.

When looking for your wedding dress, you should search only for those companies that specialize in selling such products. You don’t want to put yourself in the position of dealing with people with second and third hand knowledge of wedding dresses. If you are to get the best service and the most outstanding value, then you need to work with a firm that knows its wares and will be able to present you a wide range of options. This is much too important to be left to amateurs—to people who don’t know that they are doing. If you want the best results, then you must work with the best people.

You have your own sense of style, fashion, and taste. You also know how the particular cut of a dress will look on you. If you are a woman with curves, you want to be sure to accentuate them in a flattering way. If you are slimmer women, then you want to take advantage of that and wear a dress that brings your figure out in a nice manner. You want, in other words, to do all that you can to make the best of who you are and what you naturally look like.

If you are looking for Best Bridal Salon Syracuse NY , then you need look no further. For more information please visit our website.

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Plan your honeymoon in beautiful Bora Bora

honey_moonJust the name Bora Bora conjured up images of a far away paradise and that’s exactly what it is. A place of love and romance and where newlyweds relax in the wide range of Bora Bora resorts.

Bora Bora Resorts

Lucky for visitors to Bora Bora you can have both luxurious pampering and the natural attractions of the island. In fact the Bora Bora resorts are cleverly designed to incorporate the natural beauty of the island and let visitors feel at one with nature while the Bora Bora resorts still provide every creature comfort one could desire. The best example of how the Bora Bora resorts integrate surrounding nature is the resort huts on stilts in the crystal clear water of the lagoon. The Bora Bora resorts are primarily situated on islands in the large lagoon and afford the guests incredible views of the tranquil turquoise water.

For romance and privacy the Bora Bora resorts could not be better situated, you can become one with nature – and still order room service! The Bora Bora resorts are most popular with couples seeking an intimate and serene getaway. The harmonious blend of Bora Bora’s natural beauty right outside your window or the water beneath your glass floored bungalow will relax any city dweller.

The Bora Bora resort bungalows on the water are unique to this area as the lagoon offers calm waters in a protected lagoon. The water is kept calm by the protective coral reefs which surround the isles.

Discover the Natural Beauty of Bora Bora

The Bora Bora lagoon covers a larger area than the small island and the tourist activities and accommodation are centered around the water. Many tourist activities involve the Polynesian waters both beneath the water – snorkeling, diving and above the water – canoeing, sailing and parasailing. Divers both seasoned and first timers marvel at the colorful marine life inhabiting the coral reefs.

The clean soft white sand of the Bora Bora beaches is also an integral part of most of the Bora Bora resorts as the resorts are literally on the beach. The natural beauty of the stretches of uninterrupted beach will impress even the most jaded sun worshiper. As you lie back on an exclusive Bora Bora beach and relax you can look across the lagoon at Mount Otemanu.

When you stay at a Bora Bora resort you may also want to get to know the locals, that is the stingrays, barracudas, turtles and sharks! You can even see shark feeding and swim with the sharks.

Find the multitude of Bora Bora resorts for your honeymoon here.

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Save the Date – Destinations

With destination weddings becoming more and more popular, that means that Save the Date cards are growing in popularity as well. Given the fact that you for destination wedding you need to send Save the Date cards, because you have to assure your guests know how to plan accordingly, Save the Date templates have become the Miss Congeniality of wedding stationery, right behind wedding invitations. Since Save the Dates are usually a reflection of the couple and venue, there are some pretty creative ways that you can use to create you Save the Date cards for your destination wedding. Let’s check them out!

  1. For Beach Weddings

There are a multitude of things you can do for Save the Date cards for beach weddings. First off, you can get sea shells that you write on and you can send them out. Consider tiny messages in little bottles that can be sent out. If they seem a little bit to complicated and too much of a hassle, you can create beautiful Save the Date cards that have the color palettes matching the sea.

  1. For Winter Weddings

You can go all out and order snow globes that contain the Save the Date text that you want your invitees to see. Something else you can do is get tiny branches from pine trees and wind the Save the Date stationery around them, or go for another creative approach and get tiny winter scarf samples where you can sew the information (this should go to a professional so it doesn’t take you ages).

  1. For Rustic Weddings

You have a lot of cute and simple options here: get small wood coasters engraved with a personalized logo on one side and on the other, have the text that would normally go on cards; buy burlap in bulk, section it off and attach recycled paper with the needed information on the sections of burlap. Those are just some of the great ideas that you could use.

  1. For Modern Weddings

Here, it depends very much on what type of modern, if we’re talking about a nerdy wedding, with fantasy or comic book elements, it would be really cool to have a pop-art inspired Save the Date design. If it is modern because of the ceremony, decorations and materials used then you can go for engraved, thin plastic for the Save the Date cards or even an email version.

That is about it from our side. We are sure your Save the Date templates will be amazing and a great way for the invitees to get to know a bit about the wedding before the actual event.


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Best Reasons to Hire a Wedding Disc Jockey


No wedding would be complete without music, therefore every couple must decide whether to hire a live band or a wedding disc jockey. There are certainly benefits to both options, but for most weddings, hiring a professional DJ is a much more practical choice. Here are a few of the best reasons to hire a DJ for your wedding:

Affordability – Since you are only paying for one person to provide all of your musical entertainment, it stands to reason that you would be spending a whole lot less on a DJ than you would an entire band. But what you may not know is that no matter where you live or how small your budget, you can find a fantastic wedding DJ at a price you can afford thanks to the vast pool of talent available at popular agency websites. A simple Google search will yield a terrific selection of agencies that will allow you to search for your DJ with a specific location and price point in mind.

Better Service – On top of reading the crowd and knowing which music to play to keep everyone out on the dance floor, a DJ can provide many additional services that a band cannot. Many DJs will serve as emcees, announcing the wedding party as they arrive, providing toasts and narrating slide show presentations if need be. Some will even add a visual dimension to their performance with the help of LED lights, disco balls, etc. DJs can take requests from your guests, know which one’s to spin and which are best declined with a polite “if time permits.”

Continuous Entertainment – Unlike a band, a DJ can take breaks from time to time without having to stop the music. Plus, they are not limited in the number of songs they can play. DJs come prepared with extensive music catalogues and if you provide them with any special requests ahead of time, they will have no problem adding them to the playlist. Should there be any kind of equipment failure, a DJ will often bring backup equipment that is fully wired and ready to go so silence never spoils the fun.

On top of these great benefits, possibly the best reason to hire a wedding disc jockey is the peace of mind you’ll get just knowing your wedding reception’s entertainment is 100% taken care of, leaving you the freedom to focus on making unforgettable memories with your family and friends!

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Trashing the Wedding Dress

Trashing the Wedding Dress

Would you consider trashing your wedding dress? If you follow the trends you would.

Nothing represents a wedding better than an elegant, white wedding dress. Most bride’s also have a strong emotional connection to their wedding dresses, especially after the stressful search for the perfect one, the fittings and alterations. It’s no wonder that most brides choose to preserve their wedding gowns after the wedding. Well, some brides are taking a different approach, referred to as “Trashing the Dress”. While the idea of taking part in this kind of wedding dress ceremony may sound crazy, the practice is actually trending. Once you read the following, you might just understand the attraction.

Brides that decide to give “Trashing the Dress” a go will find that, working with a professional CT wedding photographer, creativity has no bounds. Climbing a tree, beings splashed with paint, taking a swim – the possibilities are endless.

Trash the Dress” Photo Shoot Ideas

Intentionally “trashing” a wedding dress shortly after a couple’s wedding day is actually considered a romantic ritual designed to symbolize commitment, since the wedding gown can’t ever be worn again says a Fairfield County Wedding Photographer. This is also big business for wedding photographers, giving them a new opportunity to create dramatic “Trashing the Dress” photo shoots. This wedding genre, which originated in Las Vegas, combines exquisite clothing (the wedding dress) with a unique environment, including on a rooftop, in the woods, on a beach on in a lake, abandoned building – so many cool ideas!

The Aim of the “Trash the Dress” Photo Shoot

The aim of these photo shoots is to provide brides with unusual, visually stunning photos, a distinctive addition to the traditional ones they have taken. The idea has rapidly gained fans since its inception, with women arranging for photographers to capture their wedding dresses as they’re being destroyed to create what many consider magazine worthy works of art. The approach can be subtle or extreme with the photo sessions, including a peaceful walk in the woods, a swim in a local lake. In contrast, they could be photos of the bride changing a greasy tire, being splashed with paint or splashing away in muddy puddles of water. The aim of a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot is to provide the brides with unusual, stunning photos, a fun contrast to the ones taken during the wedding and at the reception.

The whole idea behind the concept of trashing the wedding dress is to relax, have fun and at the same time let your, and the photographer’s creativity flow. Brides that have embraced this unusual wedding genre say that a “Trashing the Dress” photo shoot seems to give the wedding dress new life instead of just having it take up room in the closet. In addition, they’ll end up with photos that look like they’re straight out of a high end, trendy fashion magazine. Not comfortable with completely trashing your dress? No problem. You don’t need to be extreme – getting your dress a little dirty can be rectified by a professional dry cleaner.

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How far should you take that Wedding Dress Inspiration?

wedding dress 1

Brides often look for wedding dress inspirations before visiting a Bridal salon in Raleigh. These wedding dress inspirations can go as far as wearing a colored wedding dress to completely copying a favorite celebrity’s Wedding Dress Shop in Raleigh NC. While these inspirations are good starting points, there are certain things you need to consider before following them through. Ask yourselves these questions first before insisting on the wedding gown style.

Is the silhouette the right fit for your body type? Any wedding gown can look stunning on the catalog. This is because the wedding gown you’re looking at is the perfect match for the model’s body type. For this reason, you also need to ask yourself what your body type is. This is especially true if you started out looking for Plus size wedding dresses Raleigh. While there is every reason to love a curvy body, it is also a fact that not all wedding gown silhouettes look good in this body type. To look your best during your wedding day, you should probably look at wedding dress styles that have the ball gown, tea party, A-line or modified A-line silhouettes.

Is the design classy enough? Timeless pieces are always the best choice for wedding gowns. You might find a specific style because it is trendy at the moment, but as any consultant at a Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina would tell you, classic cuts win over trendier styles when you look at your album ten to twenty years from your wedding day. A trendy wedding gown will wow your guests on the day itself, but a classic gown can inspire your children, and your children’s children when they look for their own wedding gowns. Your wedding gown can be timeless enough for a daughter to want to use it again—with minor alterations to fit the style of her time, of course.

Are you trying too hard to be different? It’s always nice to be a unique bride, but all eyes are going to be on you on your wedding day. Sure, you will be surrounded by everyone you love, but there’s also a fine line between being unique and being tacky. Ask yourself if the bridal gown of your choice is a bit too tacky for comfort. You might want to exchange that bridal gown idea for something that’s edgy and more of your personality, but also universally considered as a sharp-looking classy gown. There are plenty of edgy eye-catching wedding gowns at the best Wedding Dress Shop in Raleigh NC. Schedule your appointment as early as you can on a weekday so you can try on as many bridal gowns as you wish. They have excellent gown consultants that can give you bridal gown choices you’re sure to love.

Is it modest enough for the occasion? While sexy bridal gowns are all the range, you can be sexy without showing too much skin. Consider the sexy wedding gown inspiration you have and assess if the same style will actually flatter you. If you’re looking for the best bridal shop to help you decide on just the right amount of modesty and sexiness for your wedding gown, give NY Bride of Raleigh a visit. They are located at the Garner’s Plaza Circle. Call 704.529.6400 for an appointment.

New York Bride o& Groom of Raleigh is considered the best . Our shops can supply whatever you need to create an unforgettable wedding.

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Planning a Wedding in a Hurry

Planning a Wedding in a HurryWhen you need to plan a wedding in a hurry you are dealing with unique circumstances that make the process different from planning a wedding in advance.

Booking a venue for a last minute wedding can be a difficult task. Most hotels and catering halls take wedding reservations months in advance, so they are not often an option for a last minute wedding. Venues that are better able to accommodate weddings for a date in the near future include restaurants and even something as unconventional as a photography studio. Booking your last minute wedding at a restaurant also ensures that your wedding party and guests will be served by the restaurant itself.

For a wedding taking place at home many grocery stores will deliver platters of food you can feed your guests with. Big box retailers are also an option for obtaining your wedding day food.

Like the venue, wedding invitations need to be purchased months before the big day. So for a wedding that must be planned quickly it is acceptable to hand write invitations or using a wedding website to invite your guests.

Acquiring a cake for your wedding is best done by having a family member or friend to bake the cake themselves. At bakeries, wedding cakes are always made to order and must be ordered well in advance of the nuptials.

Typical bridal shops take weeks to get a bride’s wedding gown shipped so brides planning a wedding in a hurry generally find themselves shopping at a chain bridal store in order to obtain a dress that is already in stock. This also applies to bridesmaid dresses, though you can also purchase them in major department stores.

Choosing flowers for bouquets and decorations is something you should do at a local garden center or farmer’s market when you are planning a wedding in a hurry. At the last minute, obtaining the flowers for your wedding will be easier to do if you choose flowers that are in season and available in your area. Optionally, you can forego the flowers all together and make bouquets of wedding sparklers or something edible instead, but most couples stick with classic floral bouquets.

To ensure that photographs are taken on your wedding day, employ a friend, family member or even a neighbor with skills behind the lens. You will also end up with more wedding photos if you leave disposable cameras on each table so that guests can snap pictures throughout the day.

While most couples start a wedding registry at their favorite store you might not have this option at the last minute. The best way to get around this is to simply sign up for a gift card wedding registry online. If you would prefer you can let your guests know that because the wedding is being planned in a hurry, cash would be an acceptable wedding gift.

Planning a wedding in a hurry can be done as long as you keep an open mind and you are willing to be flexible when making the arrangements. You will still have the wedding day you have always dreamed of.

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A Gift from the first man that ever loved her


When a girl child is born in a family, a father’s love knows no limits. The bond between a father and his daughter is special and unbreakable. She holds his finger to see the world and move ahead to create her identity. For every girl, her father is her king. He is her inspiration throughout her life. She learns and wants her man to be like her father seeing his relationship with the significant women in his life. The bond between a father and his daughter is enduring and ever-lasting.

Here is the story of a girl who is going to get married. She is very delighted to meet her prince charming. Many preparations are done so that she looks the best on the big day. The day finally arrives. She is gifted with many artistic pieces of jewelry. The ornaments are modern and gorgeous. She looks stunning with all the glitters and sparkles. The auspicious ceremony gets over and her father presents her a pair of beautiful diamond hoops earring as a token of love. Her happiness knows no bounds. She got many precious gifts to cherish her beauty. But the diamond earrings gifted by her father are the best and prized possession she has. It is priceless like the love of her father.

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