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Should You Choose An Engagement Ring On Your Own Or Together?

Picking the perfect ring for your betrothed is undoubtedly a daunting task, one that can take many days, weeks or even months. All those hours of lustful window-shopping together have past, and now you’re struggling to remember even the smallest of helpful hints that were not-so-subtly dropped.

Buying an engagement ring is one of life’s milestones, but more often than not the pressure to ensure a job-well-done can make the process long and stressful. While the element of surprise was a crucial element to any successful proposal, more and more couples are now choosing to join efforts in the ring hunting, after the initial engagement has passed.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding the best line of action to take, and the decision to work together on finding the perfect ring, might be as tricky as the buying process itself.

1. Personal Taste

As with buying a gift for anyone, even the person you know best of all, there is an element of risk – personal taste. Even the most textbook appropriate choice, may look entirely different on the finger of your partner. By taking your partner with you to find the ring of their dreams, you are ensuring that an informed decision is made. Everything from time of day, to lighting conditions can affect how you perceive a ring to look, and it might be worth making several trips, over several days, with different outfits to ensure the right match is made.

On your own, there is always the surprise factor to take into account. Although there is a chance your ring might not be perfect, the romance and surprise of a proposal will more than make up for this.

2. Sizing

There’s nothing worse than spending hours choosing the perfect ring, presenting it as part of a picture-perfect proposal, only to discover it doesn’t fit! Its estimated that upto 25% of rings that are bought as a surprise, don’t properly fit the fingers of those they were intended for. Getting caught out by this, can be hugely embarrassing, yet it’s easier to do than you might think. Temperature and even hormones can contribute to a different fit. The only real way to ensure a comfortable fit it achieved its to take along your partner

3. Pricing

One distinct con to buying a ring together is that of pricing. Money can be a really difficult conversation for some, and the investment of a ring is usually a sizeable one. Taking your partner with you, may lead to some uncomfortable moments, and you may find yourself spending more than you originally anticipated in order to ensure that your partner doesn’t feel somehow undervalued. This may also swing the other way, with your partner feeling uncomfortable with the size of investment you are making. Advice from family jewellers H Hogarth, is that you can get past this by asking your local jeweller to present options without mentioning the prices.

4. Romance

There is something endlessly romantic about the thought of our loved one presenting you with a surprise ring, something that they have spent time and money of choosing themselves. Buying together is undeniably less picture-perfect. If your partner is more of a traditionalist, it may well be worth conforming to expectations and making the decision alone.

5. Stress

By sharing the buck between yourself and your partner, you’ll undoubtedly reduce your own stress levels. The reassurance that your partner truly loves their ring, way well far outweigh any of the benefits to keeping the purchase under wraps. It’s always important to remember that while the glitz and glamour surrounding an engagement is unquestionably exciting, it is just a day, in what will hopefully be, the rest of your lives.

Keeping the real meaning of why you are in this position in the first place, in perspective will help motivate and encourage you to enjoy the process as much as possible. If the best way you can do that, is to seek the advice of your partner, then full steam ahead! After all, isn’t that what your vows will be all about?

Our advice would always be to do what feels right for you, both as individual and as a couple. As difficult as it can be, try not to feel the pressure of conforming to the “norm”. If you do choose to go it alone, there are always options if your partner admits they don’t like the ring after all!


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Find the best wedding hairpiece on your big day

A lot of brides wear their hair half up and half down which gives them plenty of options for decorating their wedding hair. The first thing that springs to mind is a wedding comb which can be worn to the side or the back of the hair, again these are pretty easy to place but you might need to have a few practice sessions just to make sure that you can slide it into your hair at the right angle and make sure it stays were it’s supposed too.

Headpieces and hair jewelry are ways to pull a look together if wearing only a veil leaves you wanting more, or if you plan to remove the veil at the reception. Tiaras, crowns, decorative combs, backpieces, barrettes, wreaths, bun wraps, headbands, caps or hats, and hair jewelry can each complete the bridal look in a different way. A bun ring or tiara, for example, can add a regal touch.


Whether you have long hair, short hair, Perfectly Presented Online has the right wedding hairpiece for you. The variety of wedding hairpieces from wedding hair combs to wedding tiaras is outstanding. Here’s a few tips on how you can do your hair with the wedding hairpieces offered by Perfectly Presented Online to achieve the “gold” picture you have worked so hard for:


If you are the romantic type of bride and have a classic dress that goes perfectly with the princess that you are, then wedding tiaras are for you. Pull your hair up in a bun, leave the bang down flattering your face and accentuating the beautiful make-up that took you hours to do. Clip your veil to your bun and add the wedding tiara on the top of your head crowing you as the princess of the day. The day is yours and you will conquer it!

If your looking for affordable wedding hairpieces, stop by Perfectly Presented Online for fabulous wedding headpieces, wedding hair combs and wedding tiaras.


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Why A Destination Wedding Specialist


Planning a destination wedding can sometimes seem simple, but it is important to have a marriage specialist at your side. Here’s why:

1. The specialist knows the most beautiful places of ceremony for your wedding. He will advise you, according to your budget, on the costs and the different places of ceremony.

2. Be aware that if a problem arises at your destination, the destination weddings travel agency​ can help you remotely. In times of crisis, such as hurricanes, it is crucial to have a specialist to help you quickly re-book your wedding and always respecting your criteria.

3. With his knowledge of destination wedding, multiple hotel tours and different wedding conventions in the south, the specialist uses his contacts and his representatives to get you the best for your day. He accompanies you before, during and after your trip.

4. The marriage specialist knows his field like the tips of his fingers. He can inform you and give you details quickly on the different hotel rates. He will put you in trust and help you through the process.

5. Making a hotel choice can sometimes be difficult and arduous. The role of the agent is to guide you according to your criteria and your budget. He can even advise you on the different options available at the hotel.

6. The advantage of taking a specialist is undoubtedly to be able to offer you the expertise, but also free products such as a cocktail hour, a guaranteed room upgrade, a massage for two or a romantic dinner for 2 free.

7. With many trophies and plaques to our name, Mariage Sud stands out with several wedding specialists at your service.

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Wedding Websites For Couples Are Now Easy To Create

Just a few years ago, creating a wedding website required you either to hire an expensive web designer, or to have a working knowledge of web design and development yourself. Fortunately, there’s now an easy, affordable and convenient way to create wedding websites. With Basic Invite, you can now create unique, colorful and fully featured wedding websites for couples.

One-of-a-kind wedding websites

The best part about these one-of-a-kind wedding websites for couples is that you can completely customize them using your own design aesthetic. You have a choice of 13 different themes and more than 175 different templates. Then, once you choose the template that perfectly captures the mood and theme of your wedding, you can further customize with any of the 180+ colors in the Basic Invite palette to create a site that is uniquely you.

Let’s say, for example, that you are planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean. Within the theme collection, simply choose “Destination” and then you’ll have a choice of several different templates, all of them designed for a different type of destination wedding. There’s even one called “Caribbean Palm Website” that comes with several design touches – such as palm trees – that immediately establish the mood and style of your wedding.

Share your story

Another favorite feature is called Share Your Story. This is your chance to share your unique love story and help guests get to know the happy couple before the main event. You can make this as detailed as you’d like, and can also include high-resolution images to help tell your story.

In the example of the destination wedding, you might include a few details about why you chose a particular island for your wedding, or how you first met years earlier while sailing the Caribbean together. Especially in the social media era, where storytelling is central to everything you do, this Share Your Story feature is important to create the perfect wedding websites for couples.

Maps and travel made easy

Basic Invite is dedicated to helping you create one easy-to-use site for all of your travel details, hotels options, and maps. Easily share event times, directions, & more. This feature is particularly important if guests are flying or driving in from out-of-town, or if you are all jetting away to the destination wedding of your dreams. Just like most e-commerce sites now included mapping functionality to help you find the nearest street location of a brick-and-mortar store, Basic Invite also includes this functionality for wedding websites for couples.

Free photo gallery

If you enjoy posting photos on Instagram and Facebook, then you’ll love this feature, designed specifically for wedding websites for couples. Share your engagement and wedding photos in your own private photo gallery. This is a great way to preserve your memories, as well as share them with others. You have complete control over how to create and arrange your gallery.


With all of these features, you can create a visually stunning website, and one that can become a key part of helping your guests enjoy a truly memorable wedding experience.


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A Quick Guide to Asian Bridal Wear

Your wedding day is likely to be the most important and happiest day of your life, so it’s no surprise that so much care is taken over the clothes we wear on our wedding day. In practically every culture, wedding garments are incredibly special, and Asian culture is no exception.

The Importance of Colour

Indian weddings are known for being particularly colourful occasions. This means that everyone, the bride, groom, and wedding guests will be dressed in beautiful, colourful garments. Red is a popular colour for Indian brides as it symbolises good luck and prosperous fortune, making it the perfect hue for the bridal wear.

However, brides can be seen displaying just about any colour and may choose to use a number of different colours to add a touch of excitement. The below dress from Sonas Couture combines the traditional red colour, but adds other colours such as grey and gold, giving it a more modern touch.

The Lengha

The lengha is the bridal skirt worn by Indian brides. This skirt tends to be long with luxurious embroidery and is paired with a short blouse or choli, leaving the midriff bare. The term is often used to refer to the full outfit worn by the bride.

The Sari

The sari is a little different to the lengha as it features a long, wide drape which is then wrapped around the waist and draped over one shoulder. Like the lengha, they are made in a range of bright colours and feature ornate embroidery, creating a stunning and luxurious garment.

The Anarkali

The anarkali consists of a long dress that is usually ankle length, but can also be knee length. Like the lengha and sari, it features heavy embellishments and embroidery, but it keeps the midriff covered, presenting a look closer to that of western wedding dresses.

Bridal Jewellery

The bridal jewellery can also be a particularly important element of Indian bridal wear. While there are many variations on Indian bridal wear according to region of origin, religion and style, Indian brides tend to wear plenty of jewellery that may feature some of the following elements:

  • Nath – this is a nose ring that usually has a long chain attached to it which is connected to one of the earrings.
  • Maang Tikka – this is a decorative chain that is worn in the hair parting and along the hairline, featuring a large, jewelled pendant at the centre of the forehead.
  • Haathpool – this is a piece of jewellery which features a bracelet and ring which is attached with chains.
  • Jhumki – these are the bridal earrings which often feature precious metals and stones and tend to be ornate in style.
  • Payal – this is the anklet traditionally worn by Indian brides. It will often feature small bells which will jingle when the bride moves.

Indian bridal wear is particularly special, offering a truly special and feminine style for the bride on the most important day of her life.

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Points to Consider before Booking an Outdoor Wedding Venue

In case you are planning to tie the knot in the warmer and more pleasant months of the year, then an outdoor wedding venue is what you should consider for your marriage. Such venues are ideal for small and intimate weddings that have an exclusive list of invitees to take care of in every conceivable way. So, if it is spring or summer that you are considering to marry in, then go right ahead with these helpful tips to choose a venue that will delight your guests fitfully.

Go for affordability

There are plenty of wedding destinations and wedding venues that can be booked beforehand on the Internet. However, it is important to steer clear of the jazz and concentrate on the USPs and benefits of hiring a venue from among those shortlisted by you and your partner.   Outdoor venues are generally more affordable as they cut out on many standard costs that regular wedding incur in terms of selecting halls, hotels or other indoor venues. You need to assess the extra costs that would come your way in context to seating, catering, tables and decoration costs, before finalizing an outdoor venue.  Depending on the kind of venue you decide to book, you may have to look for wedding rental companies to assist your cause. You may want to factor in their costs beforehand to eliminate the concerns of any rude surprises later in the day.

Guest comfort

Always give a thought to the overall comfort of the attendees when you are in the process of booking a wedding venue. Will they find enough seating space to rest their weary feet? How far is the venue in terms of commuting distance? Will there be pests and mosquitoes in the open venue? Will it be too hot or cold on the day of your wedding? Seeking answers to these and other similar queries will help you choose an outdoor wedding venue that is good enough for a larger percentage of your wedding guests.

Outdoor wedding venues are the best option for couples looking for sprawling spaces to solemnize their wedding. Now that you have your eyes set on the most striking wedding venue close to you, get ready to log onto the official site of Crockwell Farm. You will be surprises to see the venues on offer and all that they promise to bring with them for your special day. So, linger no longer and beat high prices by pre-booking the indoor or outdoor wedding venue of your choice. Do not forget to take the advice of your partner before going ahead with your decision. After all, this most important day of your life has to be celebrated in perfect harmony and style!


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4 Mistakes Every First-Time Bride Should Avoid

Follow these tips so you don’t fall prey to the biggest pitfalls of wedding planning.

1. Opening registries in too many places
It’s understandable, you want dinnerware from one store; barware from another; and bedding from somewhere else, so you create a bunch of different registries. Good for you—not so good for your guests, who’ll have to make several stops to find you the perfect gift. The solution?, where you can import all of your existing registries—and even add new ones—onto one universal gift list that your guests can shop from. Plus, you get to keep all the signup perks the stores give you (free gifts, completion discounts, etc.).

2. Dress shopping with a large entourage
Of course all your besties are excited for you and want to be part of the planning process, but too many onlookers can lead to too many opinions—and your inability to pick the right dress. Try to bring no more than 2 or 3 supportive pals whose advice you trust—and tend to agree with.

3. Ordering flowers without first doing your homework
Bouquets and table arrangements can quickly become one of your biggest wedding expenses. Before making any final decisions, it pays to do a little digging to ID flower costs. For example, want peonies at your winter wedding? Expect to pay a pretty penny. These flowers, which bloom in the U.S. in spring, will have to be flown in from a place as far as New Zealand.

4. Leaving too little time for hair and makeup
Your wedding day should be blissful, not stressful. To ensure you’re as relaxed as possible while you and your party are getting ready, work out a hair and makeup schedule well in advance of your big day and pad your time with each pro. Oh, and don’t forget to nibble as you primp. You don’t want to feel faint during the ceremony.

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Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding invitation etiquette can be a little more intricate than you may have anticipated. Planning a wedding is full of these fun little things that you would never know if you’ve never planned a wedding. Have no fear! We’ve got all you need to know and more – you’re totally covered when it comes to the in’s and out’s of wedding invitations. Here are the important things to remember.

When It Comes to Sending Them

If you are having a wedding that is local to where most of your guests live, you’ll want to mail your wedding invitations at least six to eight weeks before the wedding. If you are planning to have a destination wedding you should be courteous to the guests you plan to invite by sending invitations out a little earlier. Sending the invitations sooner it allows those guests who have to travel the time to adequately plan for travel and make arrangements for accommodation. You’ll want to get them in the mail three months before the wedding date. If your wedding is going to be a more remote or exotic location, send them out even sooner – perhaps four or even five months before the wedding. Travel arrangements to far-flung destinations can be more difficult to plan, so if you expect people to come to your wedding, give them lots of notice!

When It Comes to The R.S.V.P

Be sure to ask all of your guests to R.S.V.P. at least two to three weeks before the big day! That way you can get meal options and seating arrangements sorted in plenty of time for all those last minute changes you may have to make up until the actual day. This tends to be the hardest part, unfortunately.  Be sure to keep track of who has and hasn’t sent back their R.S.V.P. so you can call them a few weeks before the weekend to confirm their plans.

When It Comes to The Wording

Wording can be a bit difficult. Think about the type of wedding you are throwing. Is it formal? Intimate? A little modern and not-so-traditional? Also, things like: Do you want to invite couples only? Or kids? If you don’t want to invite children, that can be implied on the reception card, but not the invitation itself. Keep your wording simple, direct and clear. You can update your guests with the bridal party, registry and other social events via your wedding website or social media page.

Here are some examples of traditional and modern invitation wording. There are so many possibilities these days, though!

Formal Invitation Wording

Formal invites normally are written as if sent from the parents of the bride to the guests:

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith

request the honor of your presence

as their daughter

Brittany Nicole Smith

is married to

Jason Carter Joseph

son of Mr. and Mrs. Abel Joseph

Saturday, the fifteenth of September

two thousand and sixteen

three o’clock in the afternoon

The Bath Priory

Bath, England

Reception Immediately Following

Modern Invitation Wording

Modern invites are a little less formal and can be an announcement from the couple or even from divorced parents collectively inviting the guests:

Chloe Beth Smith


Jonathan Maxwell Clohecy

together with their families

cordially invite you to their wedding

Saturday, the fifteenth of September

two thousand and sixteen

half past seven o’clock

in the evening

Crown Ballroom

72 & Amsterdam

New York, NY 90123

For all of your wedding invitation questions and needs be sure to check out Couture By Invitation for affordable handmade wedding invitations and wedding decorating!

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Why Wedding DJs are better than Live Bands

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is choosing the music. The bride and groom might be on the same page for the music and not the person playing it or vice versa. Are you going to want a live band? Or will you want one of the local wedding djs to bring life to the party? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your live music, and oftentimes it is the wedding djs that come out on top.

Music Selection

Live bands have their merits, but they are also limited by the music they have practiced and/or heard. With a dj, you have the mountain of music they’ve collected over their career as a professional. If you’re looking for something low-key and mellow, slow jams are always at the dj’s fingertips. When you want the energy to pick back up, the wedding dj can make a slick transition into a more upbeat tempo.


A great concern for making couple preparing for their special day is space. If the venue is too small, all the party will have is an iPhone with the latest downloaded music or Pandora Radio. Since live bands tend to take up so much space with each of their member’s set-up, the wedding djs can manage much more with a lot less.

Saving on space can also free up the dance floor to the guests at the party. You won’t have to worry about rotating anyone in or out and everyone can shake their groove thing.


This one tends to be a big issue for everything at the wedding. For live music, particularly, having a local wedding dj will save you money in the long run. Look for people that family or friends know. Always ask for someone with a high recommendation and extensive experience in playing at weddings. You want to make sure that what you’re paying for your local wedding djs is worth it. Be careful as Wedding DJ prices
are all over the place. Read their reviews on and  to make more educated choices.

Personal Experience

In my experience, having a local wedding dj play the party was fantastic. The dj for my wedding, Angelo, talked to my wife and I well before the date. He wanted to go over exactly the type of vibe we wanted the party to have. As certain cultures go through stages of a party, he had a sheet with a full breakdown of specific event during the event.

His dj style really brought out the energy of everyone at the party. I’m not partial to public dancing, mostly because I don’t consider myself much of a dancer. Thanks to the local wedding dj recommended to us by my brother, I danced like no one was watching in a room full of people.

That’s one of the things to keep note of. When it comes to a dj, he can get even the shyest person in the room to let loose and shake it. Shop around and you’ll be sure to find the wedding djs to suit your needs.

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Food Truck Catering for Weddings: Important Tips

There are a variety of ways to cater your special day, but one of the hottest new trends is food trucks for weddings. From tapas to street tacos, to scrumptious gourmet options and desserts, today’s food trucks won’t disappoint. That said, choosing the right food truck catering service is the key a successful outcome. The following tips will help.

Researching Food Trucks for Weddings

Before you sign on the dotted line take the time to do research, visiting websites like Yelp, asking for local referrals, etc. If food trucks are popular in your community, plan a day out where you visit several, sample the foods, etc. A lot of local restaurants these days offer food truck catering as well.

Ask for Expert Advice

Professional food truck caterers will have experience catering large events and most will be able to help you coordinate everything. Ask them for expert advice covering recommendations on feeding a large group of people, based on their specific experiences. You’ll also want to ask them how much food they think you’ll need to satisfy your guest list and effective ways to keep them happy while they wait in line.

Liability Insurance and Permits

Make sure the food trucks for weddings you’re considering have the necessary liability insurance and permits from the health department. It’s also important to check with both the venue and the trucks to review any necessary documentation. When it comes to venues, make sure they allow food trucks and ask about electricity hookups, parking, etc.

You May Need More Than One Truck

A great way to avoid having your guests wait in long lines is to have more than one food truck available. This also makes the dining choices a lot more enjoyable and varied, also including dessert.

Dealing with Lines

Combining the dining time with a variety of other activities like live musical entertainment, a photo booth, etc., can make it easier to cut down on the lines. Providing entertainment will also make waiting in line a lot more enjoyable for your guests. Limited menu items can also help decrease lines because it reduces the amount of prep work the food truck staff have to do. They’ll be able to prepare a few things ahead of time, or during slow periods, prior to the reception, streamlining the process. When guests only have a few options the ordering process will be a lot faster and less work will be required during the rush. Also, when the menu is limited, it helps the food truck employees figure out which of the food choices would go fast and address it accordingly.

Food truck weddings come with lots of great perks including great food options, they’re budget-friendly, ease of having everything in one place and yes, style. You’ll be able to enjoy the food you and your guests will love, ranging from spicy street tacos to gourmet options, to artisanal coffee and ice cream. Then there’s the convenience of location flexibility, always an important factor. Let’s face it – what’s not to love about food trucks for weddings?

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