Guns & Ammo Galore — aka The Survivalist Wedding

guns and ammo and camouflageI am a wedding planner. I kind of stumbled into this job. I took an internship after college to get experience working with customers and then the guy who was running the office decided he needed a second wedding planner full time. Customers constantly comment on how strange it is to have a male wedding planner let alone two in one office.

I have been working in this industry for five years now and I have seen my fair share of strange characters. We have done several theme weddings. One customer wanted their wedding to be modeled after Lord of the Rings and the bride and groom dressed up as Aragorn and Arwen. The best man was dressed as Gandalf. We planned another wedding where the bride was dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the groom was dressed as the Beast for the wedding ceremony. He changed into a tuxedo after the ceremony. He must have been so hot under his costume.

But by far the strangest wedding I have helped plan was the one that I just planned. It was for this survivalist couple. We’re talking about serious Guns & Ammo subscribers! They are both accountants but they are really into the whole survivalist thing. They spend their weekends running around in the woods in camouflage gear and reloading ammunition.

We spent three months planning the wedding. The bride was Catholic and she really wanted to be married in a church. So the wedding itself was pretty normal but the reception was a different story. They knew someone who had access to one hundred acres of swampland. We set up 3D targets all over the acreage. There were bears, deer, bad guys with guns and the targets were unbelievably realistic looking. We created two separate prisons, and meeting houses for each group. We spent two weeks slogging through mud and swamp to set up it up. We also had a team of guys dig a pit to roast a pig in. The rest of the food was all catered and the wedding cake was in the shape of a gun and it was three layers high.

The bride and groom changed into camouflage after the wedding and all of their guests did as well. They then split the group into two groups of fifty people each. It was Government verses Anarchists and it was a mock warzone. They ran around with real guns shooting at the 3D targets, capturing each other and then putting them into prisons. The Anarchists won after they had thrown all of the Government into prison and there were still a few Anarchists free. There was a small lake on the property. Everyone went swimming in the lake and then changed back into their wedding formals for the remainder of the reception. It was pretty wild but everyone seemed to have a really great time.

Some people have so much imagination when they are planning their weddings. It keeps my job interesting and it makes it pretty easy to get up every morning and go to my job. I never know what people are going to request next.