The Wedding Planner

I am a wedding planner. Yes I am male and yes, I am straight. Most people, when they think of wedding planners, probably think of the following type of person:

I am good at planning weddings but I am not very good at being married. In fact I have been married to three very lovely ladies at different times in my life.

But I am currently looking for my fourth and I still believe that I will find the perfect woman for me and that we will live happily ever after.

I love being a wedding planner. You get to help people plan the most important event in their lives. My name is Reese so a lot of people are surprised to see that I am a man when they walk into my office. I have had a few people ask if they were in the wrong office. But I have planned a few weddings for high profile people so people always get over their initial shock. As soon as we start talking about guest lists, dresses, cakes, and flowers I usually have both of them hooked in. Sometimes the bride and groom come to the initial meeting, sometimes it is the bride alone, and sometimes it is the bride and her mother or a friend.

I love to meet the couple at the first meeting. I can usually tell whether the marriage will last or not by how they get along. It is strange that I can’t see that in my own relationships but I am a good judge of other people’s characters.
I love planning weddings because each one is different and there is a definite beginning and end to the whole process. I find real pride in creating the perfect wedding for each bride. Some brides have the whole thing planned out and I just offer up a few suggestions. Some brides have no idea about what they want at all and I have to guide them through every step. It makes for a fascinating career.